The white eyed man.

This will be a short one but i had to include it as it is one of the more significant encounters i have experienced and my sister witnessed him too, i have included the image of the man that i drew years ago. The activity didn’t just stay in England, on one of our trips to Spain activity flared up in my grandmothers apartment she had there. It was the last time me and Lil holidayed there which was about 11 years ago now and after a couple of days we had noticed the usual paranormal activity albeit on a smaller scale. Creepy vibes and the sound of things moving across the worktops in the kitchen kind of stuff, i remember being half surprised that he had come that far to haunt me.. i mean that is some dedication but by this point i was so used to it i just tried to shrug it off.

About a week into our holiday with my stepdad and grandmother, me and Lil travelled with them to Gibraltar for a day out. Nan’s apartment was on the Costa Del Sol so the drive to the border wasn’t too long, it was a beautiful day and we had explored the caves in the iconic rock, visited ancient but still functioning glass blowing workshops and had a fancy lunch out on the cobble stoned streets. We were finishing our day at a small shopping mall and after buying some hand made jewellery we headed back out into the bright sunlight outside. It was situated on a plaza and to the right of us was a long cobbled street that gradually climbed a hill until it disappeared, it was lined on both sides with three storied antiquated buildings alongside more modern perfume and clothes shops.

Me and Lil were a few metres ahead of Nan and Dad and we were talking about what bars we were going to visit that night and trying to formulate a plan for sneaking some alcohol to Lil who was technically underage. I mean Nan would let her have a couple but where is the fun in that, i couldn’t be drunk on my own and i wanted us both to have a good time. The next sentence dissolved in my mouth before it could come out as i sensed someone staring at me with the intensity of a thousand suns. I quickly turned in the direction the soul piercing tingles were coming from, it was like a magnetic force pulling me face towards it and up that narrow stony street, approximately a quarter of a mile away some man was watching me. He looked as if he had been from running from one side of the street to the other and had stopped dead in his tracks. His body was lurching with his heaving breath and his gaze was fixed on my face.

I can not fully explain the mechanics behind this next part…… It was as if i zoomed in on his face. I could see his scraggly white grey hair framing his face, his mouth hung open and his teeth were parted a little, they were bared and he looked predatory. His cheeks were sunken in and he looked gaunt and malnourished. I could see every line on his face, his skin was leathery and olive…. every fine crease around his eyes came into focus, then the dark hollow circles, then i noticed it, his eyes were completely white. No iris’s. No pupils, just ice white. We stared into each other and i felt like he saw something more. Something deeper within me, personal things close to my heart, a piece of my soul… my deepest insecurities and fears. I do not know what exactly, but i knew he took more from me that day.

The tall spirit i saw in Gibraltar.

I was so focused on the tiny details of his face that it took me a second to gauge the size of him. He was stood head and shoulders above everybody else in that packed street. I mean disproportionately taller than everyone else. Yet no one glanced at this ominous looking figure, throngs of people just walked straight by like a river of people around a boulder in a stream. That was when i twigged that they couldn’t see him. He was solid and he was wearing an old faded green anorak style jacket that hung limply off of his broad but skeletal frame. It was flapping open and i think he was wearing something navy blue underneath. I could see a portion of his trousers and they were a grey blue loose material. The colour of everything about him from his skin to the clothes he wore was like a washed out filter had been placed over him, slightly dull and faded.

I do not know how but i dragged my gaze from his and turned to Lil who was also silent and looking in the same direction.

“Can you see him?” I asked and she turned and told me yes. We both returned our focus to the spot but he had vanished. Not even three seconds had passed and he had disappeared and the only direction he could have come was straight up or down the hill. Unless he had gone into one of the shops, but somehow i doubt it. He stood out like a sore thumb and yet it seemed we were the only two people that acknowledged him. That is the most solid spirit i have ever seen to this day, and i am still at a loss as to how i saw so much detail from such a distance. I later showed the drawing of him to my spiritual teacher and she thought it was possible that he had been a drowning victim because of his all white eyes. But who knows.

As an amusing side note after drawing that image i stuck it on the fridge to freak my mum out, for the first few days she didn’t seem too bothered, then one morning whilst making us both a coffee she snapped at me.

“Get him off of the fridge he is staring at me!”

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


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