Poltergeists; Are they a product of our own psyche?

Poltergeist. The word comes from the German language Polter (Noisy) Geist (Ghost) and is often used to describe a volatile spirit that is not at rest and stuck on our plane of existence causing it to act out violently in retribution. This type of haunting also has the greatest ability to effect the living. There are many notable cases of terrifying haunting’s that display serious poltergeist activity. Given our modern day obsession with all things technical it is not surprising that there are some compelling videos of this type of paranormal activity caught in real time.

Although a portion of these types of haunting’s are caused by separate entities that are acting of their own volition there are also a portion of cases where it is essentially the victim haunting themselves. Now in case you haven’t heard of this and you are wondering what i am talking about we will look into this troubling phenomena and the circumstances that can lead to this type of telekinetic haunting.

It is safe to say that poltergeist phenomena will appear at random in the victims life with no discernible reason as to how and why. Commonly when teenagers are going through puberty the resulting flood of hormones can result in mental insecurity or instability and that can be a triggering event for this kind of haunting. Other times it can be someone older who starts to undergo an extremely stressful period of their life. Whether it be grief, breakdown in relationships or fear and worry whilst caring for a frail member of their family. The energy we throw out during these tumultuous periods can draw spirits or entities into our space as we are giving them enough negative energy to feed off of creating the perfect storm for paranormal activity. A tense atmosphere at home can also enable them to embed themselves deep into our day to day lives and before you know it you are stumbling through a full blown nightmare of aggressive activity directed at one or all within the household.

It has been acknowledged that in a significant number of poltergeist cases activity will move with the victims to a new home, often becoming worse immediately preceding the move and when they are settling into the new house. One thing we know is they do not take well to change and can be affronted with such a monumental shift, especially feeding off of the inevitable stress that comes along side moving. It is because in these cases the spirit is not attached to the property but to a person instead.

On the other side of the coin this activity can be triggered by people that have dormant abilities that were suppressed in childhood. Again it will usually travel on the back of stress or some other horrible experience they had recently endured but in this case it might not be a separate spirit so to speak. Their sleeping gifts can be awakened and start to leak out manifesting in a form of telekinesis that can move objects from one place to another, create an oppressive atmosphere within the home or in the worst case scenario this telekinetic ability can manifest with so much force and potency that they inadvertently create a shadow version of themselves consisting of their fears, abilities and emotions that can go on to terrorise themselves and in heartbreaking circumstances the ones they love and hold dear. On becoming aware of this revelation the accompanying guilt can cause further issues as they resent themselves for unwittingly being the source of pain and suffering for others and this needs to be dealt with carefully.

These shadow entities can take on many forms and some truly horrifying apparitions, possibly connected to the persons deepest and most primal fears. It can be easy for them to believe this is a spirit of its own as these visual forms can be convincing and seem to act of their own accord. Some mediums and sensitives believe that all poltergeist cases are the result of the persons own mind and others believe they are a mixed bag of the two so it makes it incredibly hard to give them some kind of statistic. In my experience i would say 70/30 as i think it is more rare for a shadow self to manifest with this much force but that is purely speculative on my part.

Fortunately there are a few things we can do to help us recognise what kind of poltergeist you are dealing with.

Given the circumstances it is hard to remain calm in the face of volatile activity but it is important to show the entity that you are not only in control of yourself but also the situation at hand, you have to take a firm stance but not in an aggressive or confronting manner. Admittedly it is a fine line to walk when you are exasperated and desperate for some kind of end to the issue. In helping to determine what exactly you are dealing with it is useful to keep a journal and write down any paranormal occurrences that happen. Take note of who is in the house at the time, what the atmosphere in the home is e.g arguments that day, stress etc. Record the type of activity that occurs and who it is directed at if at anyone at all, usually it will be focused on the person who is the root cause of the haunting. It is a useful way to determine whether the activity is being unconsciously generated by a particular person as you will start to see patterns emerge over time.

If it seems like one person within the house is inadvertently responsible then fortunately there are things you can do to help the situation. Starting meditation can be a great way to focus and neutralise chaotic energy and by setting aside a few days in the week to do this can be a good start in calming the atmosphere and help quiet that persons mind. Counselling and talking therapy’s can be useful in getting to the underlying root cause of someones mental state if you believe that a mental health imbalance is the triggering effect. Taking time to decompress after a stressful day can be equally beneficial, go for a walk in nature, swimming or spend an hour or two getting into a good novel as this gives you a release from things that are weighing heavy upon your shoulders.

If this still doesn’t help then it may be wise to consult a reputable professional spiritual medium who can tell you whether dormant abilities are stirring and manifesting in this manner and they will be able to advise you on what action to take. It might be enrolling in psychic circle classes with other sensitives or they may offer you some one on one time to help explore and develop their innate abilities which can help get the manifestations under control. Having somewhere to focus this ability can dramatically decrease the activity in the home.

On the other hand if you struggle to see any correlation between the activity and people in the home and you suspect that this is a separate entity that has entered your life akin to a tornado tearing through a neighbourhood, this can be more tricky, and only by seeking help from a psychic medium or a clairvoyant will you be able to confirm what type of poltergeist you are dealing with.

This is an excerpt from the book Is Your House Haunted written by Debi Chesnut that might explain why i take this view;

Poltergeists don’t typically communicate or even attempt to communicate with the living, don’t show any particular attachment to the location they are haunting, and are often the most difficult type of ghost to get rid of because it is almost impossible to determine what they want, if anything.

As i said above taking a firm stance is important because the main driving factor of a noisy ghost is boredom or to create fear thereby giving them more negative energy to work with, it is a vicious circle which is far easier said than done. But by attempting to assert dominance at home it will show it that you are not going to take this kind of activity lying down. You can take control when activity starts by telling them out loud that this is your home and their behaviour is not acceptable and you want them to leave. You are claiming your home as your own and by handling it in a calm manner you are not empowering them but you are empowering yourself. You can try to erect spiritual boundaries around the home or try a more heavy handed cleansing in an attempt to drive the spirit out. I have written about some powerful techniques for achieving this although i must add this isn’t a given that it will work as these entities are persistent and stubborn. I will leave the link to that post at the bottom of this article. Asking for help from professionals is probably the safest way to go about it as they may be able to glean some information from the unquiet spirit and give you something to work with.

I hope this article has been helpful in some way and i want to thank @Politiolog for asking me to write this piece.


Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash


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