Spirit guides; a helping hand.

Spirit guides are an integral part of developing your abilities, and forging a strong and workable relationship with them can take time. For many at first when trying to visualise their guides through meditation the results are a little disappointing. I remember mine being a blurry outline with vague fuzzy features but that is a natural part of strengthening your bond with them and it takes time to be able to tune in properly as you are dealing with an energy that is much different than your own. At the end i will leave a meditation our teacher taught us and with practice it becomes an valuable tool in creating a safe space for you and them. Here i will explain a little more about spirit guides to clear up any misconceptions and maybe give you a bit of a clearer picture of what to expect when you start your journey on the spiritual path.

Sometimes you will get a temporary guide when you first start visualising that may only last your first few meditations until you have your own appointed to you. I had a little crooked old lady cloaked in a shawl, she gave off the most calming and gentle nature and seemed incredibly sweet. Strangely enough when i did this mediation with my sister she described the same lady even though i hadn’t told her about my temporary guide which i found curious to say the least. It was my teacher who suspected that she was not a permanent fixture in my safe space and sure enough within three sessions i had a new guide come in and my oh my… she is feisty! Her name is Isabella but she insists on being called Bella and likes to appear in different brightly coloured skirt’s. The very first thing she ever said to me was “Don’t fuck up.” I remember being quite taken aback by this as i was not expecting that kind of language to come from a spirit guide but what the hell i rolled with it and she had been my main guide ever since. Everyone has a main guide that will be placed beside them and over time you will build your own workable communication and validation techniques which are unique to them and are akin to a calling card or a key so you know that you are receiving information from the correct person.

In my experience you end up with numerous guides for all different aspects of spirit work, although i can’t say i speak for everyone. I have known clairvoyants and mediums to have just one guide and i think it all comes down to what you personally need from them, but if i am being honest that is just guess work from me as i only know who mine are and what my teacher taught me. I have many guides that sit in a circle around me and Bella is by my side within the circle. Even though i started with only two i found over time and after so many years the spaces around the circle would be filled in with new faces and people and eerrm how do i put this….. things… It’s complicated and i will get to that a bit later on but currently i have eighteen different guides. Yes you read that correctly and there are still a few spaces left in my circle. They cover all manner of things mostly spiritual but there are some that seem to be here to aid me in the more normal aspects of day to day life. I will list all mine and what their role is in guiding me. One of my strengths is getting a clear name for a spirit which some struggle with and i will admit that some of these are unusual but these are the names i have been given so i must respect them.

Bella; My main guide who i go to for clarity or confirmation in general work with spirit, she is a beautiful gypsy woman of Mediterranean descent from the late 1700’s.

Malkiel; Is my main angel guide and appears in a shaft of pale blue light. If i need guidance from higher level energies it will be him i go to.

Caruche; Another angel guide with a more soft feminine aura and i see her as a human like form, again i would ask her for guidance when dealing with an issue like i would Malkiel.

Saul; Saul is who helps me with my tarot card readings, he has guided me in this area since i first picked up a deck and has been brilliant in helping me to understand certain layouts and meanings. Saul sadly was a victim of the concentration camps and at first i struggled with his energy as it was quite chaotic and aloof but over time we have built a relationship and he is one of my main guides to go to aside from Bella.

Corteous; Always carries a hawk on his left arm and he is my spirit messenger, usually spirit messengers will carry something symbolic to signify their role as it is a very important role. He is a roman from the later period of the roman empire.

Nemari; Is a lovely Egyptian lady, very young bless her and she helps me with spirit art and transferring things i see onto paper.

Rolda; Is my newest guide and she is a water elemental and utterly fascinating in how she presents herself, she has water vines protruding from her arms and legs and gills, webbed hands and feet. I believe she is here to help me build my connection to elemental spirits as this is an area i have always felt connected too.

Jeruc; Reminds me of the Moroccan Berber men and helps me in controlling and respecting my finances. (I tend to be hopelessly reckless with money.)

Ambrose; A British gentleman from what i presume is the dark ages and although i am still figuring out his role in relation to me i believe it may be Psychometry (The reading of objects and one of my key strengths.)

Annubr; Now this guy is formidable to look at and again i think he is from the British Isles descended from the Celtic era, he is shirtless and wears a ram’s skull over his face so i have never seen what he actually looks like. Annubr is silent he never speaks to me and i don’t think there is any need for him to do so, he is here to aid me in any trance work i may attempt, i have done some scrying on a few occasions and i believe this practice falls under this.

Margret Heckleton; I have tried to research this name as i get the impression that she was a prominent female healer or Dr during Elizabethan times which would have been something exceedingly rare in them days. The way she gave me her full name she sounded full of pride with almost a touch of Don’t you know who i am? I am in no way a healer so for a long time i struggled to understand her role for me. I have on several occasions been horribly ill and i have felt the presence of her hands floating over my body as she worked her spiritual healing abilities on me. She is the only one of my guides i have encountered who has stepped out of the meditation space and into our plane of existence to assist. I can not thank her enough.

Mary Lana; An american lady from the 1870’s who helps me in keeping my home in order as i am a notorious clutter bug who has far too many books and art supplies that do not always get put away.

No cone; Now i am not sure if i have his name correct but that is the closest i have got. He is a Native Indian guide who has an unsurprisingly strong affinity with animals and he has helped me to understand the role of animal spirits and animal guides and the messages they may impart.

Diek/Derrin Parker; Now bear with me i told you things may get weird. Derrin first showed up and would only show himself in side profile which i found odd to say the least. He is a white man with long red hair from the southern counties of the UK roughly circa 1800’s. He wears a rag of cloth round his head much like a pirate and i have always got strong maritime vibes from him…..erm.. them. After several meditations he finally turned so his opposite side was showing well boy oh boy was i in for a surprise it was a large muscular bald headed black man! It was like they had been sliced straight down the middle and glued together. Now i can not tell you what that’s all about as i have no idea and although both were linked in life and had ties to the ocean i am still trying to figure out their roles and the meaning of their bizarre appearance.

The tree; Again a strange one that i first saw many years ago in a dream and i currently have an extremely long ongoing writing project involving this entity. Many years later it randomly popped into my circle. It has blackish bark with no leaves and strange glowing symbols that look like they are carved into its surface. I have pondered over this one as my dream was clearly symbolic of something which i will get into another time.

Jenny Mcreed; A lovely Scottish nurse who was a recent passing in the 1980’s and much like Margret is involved in the healing aspect of things. Jenny helps me in self healing with specific herbal concoctions and remedies, and i find her guidance in working with herbs, flowers and seeds invaluable.

Lady Alton; Another recent guide who came in just before Rolda she is a slight and wispy almost ethereal in her appearance with very pale skin and hair, she lived the 11th century and was a lady of standing although i sense her life was not a happy one. I think she felt very trapped behind the fortress walls and i think it was through this desperation she found her ability as a remote viewer. This is the area where she guides me.

Even though it may look like an abundance of spiritual gifts, many tie into one another but need singularly working on in their own right. Psychometry ties into remote viewing as can trance work. There are still a couple of guides i am working in trying to figure out their meanings or lessons for me as you can see and it isn’t always a quick process. I still have a few spaces in my circle so who knows who may turn up next.

Some sensitives will experience a high pitched whistling or frequency that can indicate a new guide coming into your circle other will get a vibration tone. Sometimes they will appear during your meditation or while you are in your circle communicating with a certain guide that is how i most frequently find out if there is a new edition to my circle. Occasionally i sense a new presence which will gravitate towards one of the empty spaces other times i will see them on the outskirts of the circle. I have heard of people hearing a certain phrase or word they will use to indicate a new person is coming in. With practice you will learn and develop your own method for recognising a new spirit coming into to guide you.

They can also leave your circle, i am quite lucky that i have only ever had one leave but it was obvious that she wasn’t meant to be there for long and when she moved on Annubr took her space. Another key thing you will have to do is learn validation techniques for each and every guide as proof that it is them that has come through and not some impostor ( yes they exist) when you are first introduced to them you ask them for something to validate their presence that only the both of you will recognise. It can be a saying, an image, a sensation or a scent…. it could be anything that is akin to a key unlocking communication with you and is a good practice to get into as it keeps you safe and your circle pure from any negative or mischievous spirits. For Caruche ours is the phrase liquorice moon, or for Saul it is a far more poignant reminder of his heartbreaking past, i get the stinging sensation of being tattooed on the inside of my wrist. For Jenny she shows me a chamomile flower and for Jeruc it is an image of an old set of weighing scales. With A lot of higher level angel guides a lot of people will have the sensation of heat somewhere on their bodies that seems to be the only consistency i have found with spirit work.

There is no hard and fast rules for how they will manifest visually, our teacher told us about a previous class where one of her students bizarrely had a talking two dimensional red triangle as a spirit guide which is perplexing to say the least. The same goes for when they choose to appear for you sometimes it will be as a latent gift which is dormant starts awakening for the first time but you will soon develop signals or signs when a new one is moving into position. I know of a couple of mediums and they have the same circular set up that i have but theirs are family members and ancestors, others will notice a recurring theme with their guides, my teacher curiously pointed out one day that all my human guides were relatively young and it is true none of mine seem to be over the age of forty five. You can also give them gifts to say thank you and i will visually manifest a crystal or fresh herbs to give to a given member of my circle and likewise you can ask for one too. Pay close attention to the images, colours, symbols and words they use as they all hold a deeper meaning within the spiritual plane.

There are some things that you should be wary of though like if a spirit manifesting as a guide constantly places themselves square in front of you then they are not a true guide and someone or something pretending to be so. If that happens you can ask for other guides or a higher power to remove them as they do not belong in your circle nor in your protected place. If a new spirit guide comes in and starts telling you what to do and influencing your thoughts by directing your actions then again they are not true in nature and you must ask for them to be dealt with accordingly. Although rare as your circle is a place bound by rules to which they must abide it does sometimes happen. It is considered wise to be polite and respectful towards them and i am in the habit of saying goodnight to mine when i am settling down for the night, it is my own way of thanking them and showing that i appreciate their guidance. I will leave you with the meditation that i was taught many years ago which is brilliant for setting up your own safe place and circle for spirit guides to come through and communicate and over time you will notice more additions to your secure place. Let me know in the comments about your own spirit guides and your experiences with them.

I want you to imagine that you are standing in a meadow on a warm brightly lit day, your feet are bare upon the grass, the breeze brushing against your skin. I want you to take a deep breath in and breathe in the light and then breathe out the dark. Do this three times in total and pay attention to the scents and flowers you smell. Straight ahead you can see a dense forest and you begin walking towards it see the butterflies and bees in the tall grass amongst the flowers and hear the birds singing all around you. As you get closer to the forest you can see an entrance and you take a deep breath and step through into another world. Seeing a faint path in the dirt you start to follow it as you hear the branches creaking above your head. The leaves rustle and the daylight breaks through the canopy above in golden shafts of light. Pay close attention to the wildlife you see and hear as you continue to travel through the forest on this path, you are making this your unique place. Soon you see the tree trunk’s starting to thin out and up ahead you can see a small locked gate with someone stood beside it waiting for you. At first they will not be clear but as you get closer try and visualise their features and the colours of the clothes they are wearing, even if they are not completely sharp now they will be in time. This is your gate keeper and is the protector of your spiritual space beyond. When you finally reach them you say hello and thank them for being there and you will notice a key on a bit of string hung around their neck. You ask them if you can have it and they take it off and put it around your own neck, then the gate unlocks and you are free to pass through. You continue on your path but your surroundings are starting to look different now, the forest has disappeared behind you and you are now walking through a garden. I want you to visualise this garden however it pleases you as this is again unique to you. When you reach the end of your path you find a large grassy open clearing and there is a bench waiting for you. Look at the details of the bench is it a particular colour? is it smooth wood or raw branches? Sit down and wait for your guide to meet you there, they may take a few seconds or a few minutes. They might appear right beside you suddenly or you may see them walking towards you from a distance. Again try and pay attention to what they look like and what they are wearing, they may have a scent or give off an aura. When they are sat beside you thank them for being there and ask them their name and ask them if they have a message for you. If you struggle to get their name immediately don’t worry it will come in time. Ask them to give you their own personal validation sign so that you have a unique calling card for this person and they will give it to you before communication in future. When they have departed any messages they see fit and they leave from your circle, begin your walk back on the path through the garden. Give your key back to the gate keeper and follow the path back through the forest and back into the meadow where you started. When you are ready open your eyes. Take your time to jot down any impressions, words or images you received during your meditation. You can also voice record this and play it while your meditate so you can follow your path more easily until it is memorised.

Photo by Shalom de León on Unsplash


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