A spiritual toolbox for defence

I thought i would share with you some of my methods and materials that i use for protection and to create boundaries around the home that should hold fast against most negative spirits or entities. Some of these things are simple and are inexpensive but some of these can also be more complex and used in conjunction with other materials as a way to strengthen one another.

There are several high level entities that would need something more substantial than this or a combination of methods, Demons, elemental’s and shadow people would fall into this category. If you think you are dealing with something more serious i would highly suggest not trying these to cleanse or erect a boundary as that could make things worse. If you need any advice on dealing with entities of this manner and if you want some advice as where to turn then please do reach out to me, i may be able to help even if it is just to point you in the right direction.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

The first method would be prayer depending on whether you are religious or not, to have a good anchor in your belief system is always a powerful method. If you do not pray to a particular God then i can offer you a grounding meditation which is a first line of defence for any sensitives and paranormal investigators as it arms you with a psychic shield. Here are the instructions for the visualisation.

Sit somewhere quiet and have your feet placed flat against the ground. Take a deep breath and visualise breathing in white light, then exhale slowly and imagine you are breathing out darkness. Repeat a further two times. When you are calm and centred imagine roots sprouting from the soles of your feet and feeling and pushing their way down through the surface you are sitting on, then through the concrete and grass and then into the dirt, burrowing deeper and deeper into the earth. Eventually they reach a cavern and as your roots push through into this cavern imagine that here within is a crystal. It can be any type of crystal you want, any colour any size or shape, totally unique to you and your grounding ritual. Let your roots reach down and wrap around this crystal, holding it tight and then imagine a bright golden light emanating from your crystal and travelling up the roots and into your feet. Picture a white bubble encircle your body filled with thick golden white light that is warm and calm. Feel the heat on your face and the let your mind acknowledge any other emotions you feel while wrapped in this glow. Breath in this beautiful relaxing light and breathe it deep down into your legs. Imagine it seeping down all the way into your feet. Again breathe in the light and let it travel into your torso and down your arm’s all the way into your finger tips. On the last breath breathe in the light and let it fill your neck and head.

Let go of the crystal and visualise your roots travelling back up through the dirt and through the concrete and back into the soles of your feet then close your bubble underneath you so your whole body is encompassed without any gaps. You are now protected.


Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash

Many people around the world use smudge sticks to cleanse and protect a space within their homes. Sage is the herb that is burnt and can be paired with other sprigs of herbs or flowers that can enhance the effect. If you are going to make your own though please do check that what herbs and flowers you are burning are safe as some can be toxic or have ill desired side effects. You can buy them online from many new age or or spiritual shops and are fairly inexpensive. I make my own at home and my favourite ones to use are sage, rosemary and rose petals, but i do sometimes switch the rosemary for thyme or mint leaves.


Photo by Florencia Potter on Unsplash

My main go to is salt as i have to erect some pretty sturdy boundaries around my home as i am a magnet for spirits and i always have some on hand for other people or paranormal cases. It has been used for thousands of years in some form or other for spiritual cleansing. There are different types i use for different levels of haunting’s or entities. To erect a boundary around your home with salt you can place a line across your door thresholds and if you so wish across windowsills and replace every six to twelve weeks. Some people will also do it around their property boundary lines outside or in the four corners of each room. If like me you live in a flat and don’t want the neighbours looking at you weird because you have lines of salt outside your front door then you can always put in a water spray bottle add some slightly cooled boiled water and let it sit and dissolve a little. Then just spray a line across the threshold instead. We will start with the most basic that nearly everybody is guaranteed to have in their cupboard.

Sea salt- I use as a general cleanser or sealant. White is associated with purity so this is great for neutralising any negativity. Given it’s use as a preservative and purifier it has symbolically been linked to protective properties. Can be used for boundaries, purifying a room by placing a bowl of it in there for 24 hour’s and neutralising spaces or alter’s.

Pink Himalayan Salt- Allows a loving energy in whilst keeping negative energy out and promotes a happier and calmer atmosphere. A great option for a home with tensions running high whether it is between you and a loved on or your moody teenagers throwing nuclear level strops this also has a lot of the metaphysical properties of rose quartz. You can carry a chunk of this around with you on your day to day travels to absorb negativity from the environment or other people, Is great for creating a psychic shield and you can even use it in your bath, simply one or two cups into the hot water with any herbs if you so desire and let dissolve and voila a calming and peaceful thirty minutes to yourself.

Himalayan Black salt- This is a high level salt for use in spirit work or protection. This will erect a damn hard boundary and will prevent not only negative spirits or entities getting in but it can also ward off people who are malicious or have ill feelings or intent towards you. If you suspect someone is trying to send some bad juju your way invite them over after covering your threshold with this and watch them quickly become uncomfortable when entering your home. I have seen people break out in sweats or start to hive up. Some folks will just feel spiritually off and will not hang around for long. This is why this is a powerful ingredient in wiccan and hoodoo.

Blue witch’s salt- I make batches of this from home and it is easy enough to do. Place some regular sea salt and some dried Eryngium blue thistle into a pestle and mortar or a processor and grind together until fine. As you are doing this focus your intent on the task in hand and visualise this working as a protective charm. If you so choose you can add a few drops of blue food colouring and stir well until all the colour is absorbed by the salt. This is a lot like the Black salt and it’s great for protecting against the evil eye or if you think someone is trying to direct spiritual harm towards you. This is also a very potent measure for Reiki healers who work from home and if someone is sick or in need of healing within the home it is good for purifying the space they are in.

Red brick dust.

Another powerful method of creating a boundary is red brick dust and is heavily featured in hoodoo, wiccan and witchcraft and goes back hundreds of years. Bricks are meant to keep you safe and protected from outside influences and it is in that simplicity lies this methods power. You can buy this online from specialist stores for a decent price. It can be added to mop water as a powerful antidote to warding off negativity. It historically was used as a wash and mixed with either urine, ammonia or vinegar and used to wash the door’s and thresholds of the home, i mix mine with vinegar for obvious reasons. It can be sprinkled over doorways either as it is or mixed with protective herbs and cast across your entrance which leads me onto my next section…


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Herb’s have been used for thousands of years for all manner of things and protection is definitely one of them. Bay leaves are known as being extremely powerful either for prophetic dreams or as a tincture in warding off the evil eye, purification and gaining clarity of thought. In Mediterranean countries there is a tradition of throwing basil leaves onto the floors of the homes as a way to purify the space, it is a practice which goes back hundreds of years when it was considered a royal herb and it was used in this way creating a smell that was fit for a king. This one can also be used in the bath as a purification method. Mint and rosemary are other herbs that can be used in this way or sprigs thrown into mop water before washing the floors. In fact there are many different herbs with a multitude of properties and uses and it all comes down to preference and what you feel is needed.

Essential oils

Some people like to use essential oils as an easy cleansing method, through the power of fragrance oils and a diffuser you can utilise the metaphysical properties of many different plants. Here is a just a few examples;

Lavender- Clears out stubborn energies from a space.

White sage- Neutralises existing negativity and tension. Also erects a psychic shield.

Juniper- Draws in positivity and protective energies and promotes detoxification.

Neroli- Helps with anxiety and panic and promoted a sense of calm.

Bergamot- Releases emotional pain and is a powerful antidepressant and stress reliever.

Frankincense- Master cleanser and purifier.

Some other little things..

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Crystals are a simple and efficient way to protect yourself especially on the go as you can carry some with you. Black tourmaline is powerful as a protective talisman as are Hematite, smoky quartz and blue kyanite and many others. It is good to see which ones you are most drawn too as these will be the ones that work best within your own energy field. Have a good look around as there are so many options available. Another way is burning white candles to purify a space while visualising the negative energy being replaced by white light and let the candle burn all the way down. There are many different methods and tools we can use to help keep ourselves spiritually safe in this hectic world, and taking some time for yourself to feel grounded again is all some people need. Research and see what calls out to you, i hope this post has helped some as i get asked questions about this all the time.

I found some really interesting information on a website called natalibrown.com go and check it out if you want to read deeper into different types of spiritual protection. I will leave this little excerpt here;

Himalayan Salt is the most beneficial, cleanest salt on the planet. It was formed about 250 million years ago and originates from a time when the earth was absolutely pristine and without environmental impact.

Main photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash


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