Tidbits: Do you believe in the power of crystals?

The moonstone with its creamy banded hues, the chrysocolla a deep and vibrant swirling turquoise or the many different varieties of Agates spotted, dotted, striped, shiny and speckled no one can deny these are beautiful specimens to behold. Nature truly is the most diverse of artist’s.

They have gained a cult following amongst many in the new age and spiritual circles that have flourished in the last few decades. Some people swear by the healing powers of them others just like to have them on their shelves and marvel at the intricate and alluring colours. This is a subject which has sparked many a … well lets say.. “healthy” debate in my household. I have a pretty damn impressive collection of tumblestones and a few raw or carved pieces to boot. I also have the odd pendant knocking around but i haven’t quite worked up the confidence to wear them yet.

My guest’s like to pick through my treasure trove of sparkly delights, asking about each crystal they happen upon and the one peculiar thing i have picked up on is that through mid conversation they will put most the stones back and keep hold of one or two and subconsciously turn them and twirl them over and over in their dominant hand. I do not think a lot of them even realise they are doing it, before a few minutes pass and they return them to their box with the others. Funnily enough this is how i will pick out a gemstone from a pot of many, i will pick them up one after another and roll them between my fingers and my palm until one feels right.

I do happen to believe in the power of crystals, to me it is common sense that they hold some kind of energy. I have used amethyst for headaches and howlite to help me sleep. I will not sleep anywhere near a black obsidian crystal due to the intense and disturbingly powerful dreams i started having when one was near by. The comment i will hear the most frequently is “well they are just stones aren’t they?” even from some of my more spiritually inclined friends. Each to their own i suppose it is what feels right and works for each individual.

My box of crystals some tumbled others rough and natural.

I will divulge why i believe there is more than meets the eye with these stones. We all know that they are the result of minerals or decomposed matter that have been heated and compressed and put under immense forces over millions of years. Motion and movement give way to energy and in the case of gemstones this energy is trapped within the layers of sediment deposit or at the bottom of the ocean with the force of millennia shaping and moulding it . In my mind i picture it like a boiling pot where all these ingredients condense, my logic is that atomic vibrations will react differently within a huge range of minerals and crystalline structures will deflect and absorb energy in a variety of ways.

Are we sensitive enough to pick up on this impossibly minuscule changes. Yes i believe we are after all we are also just composed of atoms doing the very same thing. Now i’m no scientist by any means and i hope i haven’t just written down a load of gibberish, but for some reason this just makes sense to me. There is a number of ways they can be used, many people like to have them in their pockets or in a small drawstring bag on their persons. I know of a few people who will soak them in waters and have a crystal infused elixir. Sounds exotic doesn’t it? But if you want to do this please do educate yourself and research the types of stones you are using some can be toxic!

We have all heard of chakra crystals and grids composed to create a harmonious energy within a home. Lithomancy is something that i have dabbled in in the past and makes a nice change from the usual forms of divination using stones assigned to the planets and tossed onto a circle either drawn on paper or simply in the sand or dirt. Even substituting traditional tarot cards for their corresponding crystals can shake things up. Colour combinations and element based groupings are also an interesting way to incorporate the use of these precious and ancient gems. So you never know next time you come across a shop or market stall selling Semi precious gemstones why don’t you take a moment and see if one calls out to you.

I would love to hear your thoughts below and if you have any questions please do ask.

I am going to be doing a giveaway of a few very special hand crafted clay animal crystal totems on Saturday, so look out for me on twitter at @Spiritinmyshad1

Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

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