The bone pit

Shortly after the phantom hand incident involving my little sister, something rather strange happened that in my mind was the catalyst that rained down havoc on our house. I mean it was already creepy as hell and judging by her reaction to that night and the strange sounds and sensations i was experiencing i suspected something was up. Now this is an account that i posted about on reddit so i’m not going to copy and paste because that would be super lazy. I am also going to change names as some of the people involved still live around that area and i stress that i am not making any assumptions or accusations, i am just relaying what happened. So here it goes.

It was a sunny and particularly humid day, i was with my little sister who we shall call Lil my best friend Ab’s my next door neighbour kizzy and her nephew Mike. Apart from my sister we were all in the same class at primary school so we were the same age and all lived within close proximity. We had made little dens all over that estate in tree enclosed dykes, sheds in back gardens the usual places kids like to hide away with penny sweets and magazines. It was a lot different to today where every kid has a mobile phone, a tablet and a fandangled technical watch on their wrist so we just made our own entertainment to waste away the days.

One of our little dens was down the gravel track that separated mine and kizzie’s house that led to the row of garages behind our gardens, just before the main road that ran behind the estate. It had trees and thickets and a little murky hidden away pool of stagnant water. We could be mere metres from our homes and our parents would never have known where to find us, much to their horror i’m sure. The five of us were secreted away right at the end of the row surrounded by a little cove of tree’s, the four of us girls were perched awkwardly on a concrete ledge while Mike was stood up doing absurd impressions of teachers at school much to our amusement.

Now the very end garage that we were sat next to was owned by a guy who lived a couple of doors away from me, he was intense and a little creepy to say the least. Somebody at some point had gone to the effort to vandalise just his garage with spray paint. It had painted on it the words (cue eye roll) REDRUM then underneath BELIEVE IT. A cliche choice of wording i’ll admit and it was a tad odd that his was the only garage that had been targeted, i mention this because this may be relevant to what we discovered next.

As Mike was doing his impressions my attention was drawn to the worn dirt patch where he was standing. To me it looked like it was moving in a calm liquid like motion. I have never had an experience or seen anything like that since.

“We need to dig there.” I blurted out pointing to the ground that he was standing upon. Mike fell silent and everyone just looked at me, the randomness cutting our fun short.

“We need to dig there, there is something under there.” I repeated. I explained to the others that it looked like the ground was moving like water and i was surprised nobody else saw it, so after some convincing me and Lil and Kizzy crept into our homes to arm ourselves with table spoons and butter knives to start ploughing up the dirt. Each of us with a bit of cutlery in hand started digging in a little circle. I don’t think we spoke much, this intense concentration had come over us all like we knew we were going to find something.

About a foot and a half down Kizzy hits something hard with her spoon, peering into the pit we had just made we could see something chalky and solid jutting out of the exposed earth. Pulling it out with her hands. It was a bone about 4 inches long. After scraping off the dirt we could see it was a creamy yellow colour, one end was sharp and jagged clearly having been snapped. We are all clearly spooked by this point and this strange atmosphere had come over us.

“It’s probably just an animal bone.” Mike tries to tell us, Ab’s was clearly freaking out at this point but something compelled us to keep digging. Finding more the deeper and wider we went we collect this morbid pile of skeletal remains, i think there were about 15 in total. Some were a fair size other small broken fragments. We end up collecting them up in a sandwich bag and taking them to school the following Monday. The poor teacher, her reaction was priceless as me and Ab’s marched up to her first thing in the morning and dumped this bag of bones on her desk, She assured us with a grimace on her face that it was more than likely just cow or sheep bones as she put them in her drawer and we left it at that. Never heard anything about it again. We never reported it because we had convinced ourselves that it was just animal remains. Something in hindsight i regret.

That was my first true paranormal experience. I know that if i hadn’t witnessed the ground moving in that odd fluid like motion we would never have found them, does that mean that they were significant in some way? Activity in the house would spiral into the depths of absolute terror after this event so maybe it is relevant. Did the strange graffiti scrawled on that garage door imply someone was responsible for some wrong doing? Again i don’t know. A few years later rumours about our house did the rounds and the one thing that i did keep hearing was about a couple of children dying in our house in some horrific way, i do not know if it was true but we did have a child spirit in that house as it turned out.

In the last few weeks a realisation has dawned on me regarding something a medium told me on our first meeting, she had told me that the little girl had followed me from that house along with another. Nic also said that not long after i had moved in that i had found something that had belonged to the little girl. Something Red…. I had no memory of finding anything physical that was red. Maybe i was thinking about it too literally. The garage door and the words REDRUM BELIEVE IT have been playing on my mind recently.

I just cant help but feel like there is my answer to something that has puzzled me for years. Maybe i am clutching at straw’s. But what do you think i would love to hear your take on it.

Photo credit Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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